Gonen Shoham

Software Developer

About Me

My name is Gonen Shoham, I am a Software Developer working on a wide variety of platforms and languages for the past years. I have been programming since I was 10 years old (in 1998) and have been teaching myself new languages ever since.

My Web, Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows software are all written with original, innovative, and efficient code with algorithms that are based on simplicity and reliability.
I am currently studying Computer Science at Temple University, and live in Philadelphia.

At the age of 10 I started programming in C and HTML.
I breath Linux, drink Java, and spell in XML.
I dream in code, in love with Node, and JavaScript and SQL.
Experienced in C#, .NET, ASP and PHP as well.
From dusk 'till dawn, with brains and brawn, I write or code or both.
To develop myself, and software with morals, back then I took an oath.
In the cutting edge of software development, I take the pride of knowledge.
To learn and advance, creating a stance, is why I go to college.
Financing school is no easy task, and sometimes can get nervous.
My programming experience is my given skill, which brings me at your service.

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Website and application development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, SQL, XML, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, foundation, Apache, Node.js, REST, Rails, Symfony2, IIS


Application development for mobile phones and devices using Android, iOS, Android Studio, XCode, Eclipse, AVR, Atmel Studio


Software development using Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, Visual Basic, .NET Framework, Visual Studio, Eclipse, XCode, Git, VMWare


Feel free to contact me with questions, requests, offers, and advice.